Our company is undoubtedly market and technology leader in the field of technical consulting, off-shore software development, outsourcing and custom programming in Manila (Philippines ).
Our offices and development centers employ skilled devoted professionals, committed to ensuring the very best services to all our customers. Specializing in the development of Internet / Intranet Applications, Client/Server Systems, reengineering and outsourcing, we are looking to form links with foreign partners who require efficient yet cost-effective software solutions.
Our Headquarters are situated in Manila, the capital of Philippines, that has no less than six universities and colleges specializing in Information Technology. As a result, Manila programmers are of exceptional caliber and sought after in many countries.

Our concept is to provide software companies world-wide with the skills of programmers, based in Asia.
Given the software resources shortage in highly-developed Asia and labor costs in Philippines, the benefits for a foreign company would be significant.


Since it was created in January, 1997, it has been oriented to the development of computational solutions, making intensive IT use, with the purpose of supporting commercial, administrative and technical management of private companies and public service institutions.

NETCORE, INC. is immersed in a competitive context with constant technological and cultural changes, and its objective is to provide integral solutions in a specialized, immediate and committed way. "Our main interest is to continue growing in the dynamic international market.
NETCORE, INC. has central offices in Netcore, Inc. a branch in the city of Manila.
It has 60 employees that make a highly specialized team of professionals and technicians, that have rendered consulting and applications development services to different institutions and companies.


Applications Developments

One of the service rendered by NETCORE, INC. is the development and maintenance of Computational System in a Client / Server platform, either with traditional or three layer architecture (Thin Client).
NETCORE, INC., has its own broadly proven development methodology, which is structured according to phases and stages, identifying in each of them the activities that conform it and each of the products that stem from them. The development architecture to be used, when facing three layer projects, consists of a multilevel distributed application model, called DNA Architecture and a whole set of application and infrastructure services. This DNA architecture unifies the best of presently available services in personal computers, application servers and mainframes. It also entails the inherent benefits of a Client - Server architecture and the best of internet technologies around a common architecture with component based applications. Given the appropriate underlying infrastructure, multilevel presentation model, business logic and data can physically distribute processes in many computers. However, the main abstractions that have worked out for single and double model level in the high level programming languages mentioned previously, and database and user graphic interface administration system fail to properly meet development requirements for multilevel applications.
A different abstractions level needed to develop sustainable, manageable and scalable multi-user applications. Such level of abstraction is offered by the cooperative components.


Personnel and Computer Service Outsourcing:

Outsourcing includes a subcontract or transfer a function or activity that has traditionally been carried out internally. That is to say, outsourcing is a management style, a new way of administration, in which the contracting company concentrates on functions that are really essential to it.
The most important benefits obtained with this service are: concentration on the business functions, real costs are know, and more effective services, and enormous productivity increases are archives as state of the art technologies are accessible.
In the context, NETCORE, INC. offers the following outsourcing functions:

Selection of the market best alternatives according to the client's requirement. When opting for this service modality, the client will clearly and precisely specify the profile of professional(s) requested, together with general salary conditions, projections and stages of the selection process. With this information, NETCORE, INC. will start the personnel selection process, applying our wide experience in the computer field, and a rigorous qualification process, which result in at lest three specialized people.

Personnel outsourcing.

This service approach is geared to clients that request the availability of certain number of professionals, with a defined profile and for a specified period of time. In this case, NETCORE, INC. will inform the client the respective rate for each assigned resource, with the corresponding background information.

Service outsourcing

Our company can offer outsourcing services for computation center administration, system development and maintenance teams, computer network administration and computer science department or areas. With this type of services, it is necessary to contact the client personally to evaluate the work to be carried out.



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